A & S Auto Service Center is the best auto shop in Kensington, MD to take care of your vehicle. We have an entire team of professionals who are dedicated to making your auto service the best experience possible. Allow us to manage all the responsibilities that have to be done to restore your car to mint condition while you spend your energy and free time on more important things in life.

Auto Service

We make sure that the replacement parts or repaired systems won’t falter after you leave our facility. This is a guarantee we give alongside our unbeatable quotes. Let us not forget speed, as well. Speed is a crucial factor for a quality transmission repair service. A & S Auto Service Center will work hard on your project in a fast and efficient way, never compromising the results.

We provide several basic and specialized auto service in Kensington, MD. We can repair or replace dead engines, correct wiring problems, repair heating or cooling systems, repair worn out brake pads, and more. Just tell us what you need and we will do it for you.

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