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Top notch transmission repair services!

Do you experience problems when you shift the gears of your car? Are strange noises coming from the bottom of the shift stick?
You should consider getting your transmission checked – before it’s too late!

A & S Auto Service Center is the leading provider of transmission repair in Kensington, MD!

Whenever your car does not want to change gear or does so with incredible effort, you need to have it fixed. For 6 years, our company has provided auto care service with impeccable results. If you experience trouble with your gear systems, our auto repair shop will be ready to receive you. Here are the most common symptoms that can indicate if your transmission might require servicing:

Excessive gear noise

We can offer you first call transmission repairs in Kensington, MDYour gears will grind and roar every time you want to shift. This problem is common for both automatic and manual gearboxes. It usually occurs after the gears have suffered excessive wear and tear. If you feel that this is the case, visit our shop after scheduling an appointment, and we will be happy to take a look.

Burned transmission fluid

After partial wear, debris can start circulating in the transmission system, causing all sorts of problems, and further damaging your vehicle. The fluid that allows for an efficient gear transmission process can be burnt – a specific smell can be a good indication of that. This happens due to excessive friction, and improper functionality of the system. Do your maintenance in time, and you won’t have to do a complete auto repair.

Clutch issue (with a manual gearbox)

The clutch pedal will feel very soft and offer no resistance at all. Another symptom may include: hearing the engine accelerate, while the car slows down.

Clutch bands (in an automatic gearbox)

When the car has an automatic transmission, the clutch apex is incorporated within the gear shifting system. Most common symptoms include grinding noises and loss of accelerating power. If you experience any of this, make sure your car receives a transmission repair service before it’s too late.

Besides transmission services, A & S Auto Service Center offers complete auto body repair, so you don’t need to worry if your car has received a bump somewhere – our capable professionals will be at your disposal. We operate at budget-friendly rates, meant to be affordable for any checkbook!

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