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Cars are a necessity in today’s world. We count on them to transport us to work on time, help us run errands, keep our families safe and make our lives easier. Your car is a huge factor in making your life run smoothly; that is why it is easy to forget how delicate cars are in reality. Automobiles are large and impressive machines, however, improper maintenance can lead to costly consequences. A & S Auto Service Center, in Kensington MD, is dedicated to providing professional auto care services that ensure your car will not quit on you. Our company is the one who can protect your important vehicles.

Auto Care in Kensington MDWhen you are without your car, you are forced to depend on unreliable transportation services and have less control of your life. Using A & S Auto Service Center to perform maintenance and make the repairs on your car, helps you take charge and guarantees that you will never be without a car.

Unfortunately, not all auto shops in Kensington MD are created equal. For this reason, you need to choose the person who will take care of your precious vehicle carefully. Our many years of experience and honest service have made us the best in our field. We welcome you to come and discuss your auto needs with us and test us out yourself. We can provide routine services like diagnostics, tune-ups and oil changes. If our friendly staff mechanics do not convince you then there is no pressure. We just want to make sure you have the best possible transportation while you lead your busy life. We will explain the situation to you clearly so that you will be informed about every detail of the job we will perform. We do not rely on sales tactics but rather use our experienced, certified and licensed staff to show our excellence.

Our auto repair shop utilizes a wide variety of auto and transmission repair services to help you keep your life balanced. We provide auto care in Kensington MD that will help you to live better by performing maintenance and quickly repairing damage without hurting your pocket book.

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