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The auto body service you need!

Have past accidents left scratches and bumps on your car? Do you wish to return the pristine “look” of your vehicle?

Say hello to A & S Auto Service Center!

Fixing cars in Kensington, MD, our auto body repair shop can restore the surface of your vehicle. For 6 years, our auto body service solutions have satisfied many customers in the area – by always delivering outstanding results! Our company is licensed, insured and bonded – you don’t need to worry about the quality of our services! Here are a few examples of what our company can do for you and your car:

an auto body while being repair – auto body inspection and maintenance
– complete body repair
– removal of scratches and bumps
– and more!

A & S Auto Service Center is a Kensington, MD renowned auto repair shop that will stop at nothing, to provide you with the impeccable results you deserve. All of our services are held in high regard by the general public and our competitors. The attention to detail in each of our work methods, defines the quality provided by our company! You don’t have to employ the services of an amateur who will only ruin your car even further – if you trust in our professional services, we promise to exceed your expectations!

Bumps and scratches can really mess up the look of your car – this is why our company uses several different methods that are bound to deliver you from them! In addition to our body repair services, we also provide an outstanding transmission repair service – if you have difficulties with gear shifting, or you feel like your vehicle is loosing power on occasion, do not fear! Our highly experienced and trained professionals will be happy to assist you, and deliver the high quality auto repair service that your vehicle needs!

All of our auto body services come at affordable and competitive prices!

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